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Must-Visit Top Andhra restaurants in Bangalore in 2020

There is something about the food from Andhra Pradesh that always takes me straight back home. The delicious spicy aftertaste, the abundant portions and the unique balance of spicy and sour in every dish is something that I never can get enough of. Much to my delight, Bangalore serves some of the best Andhra meals away from the actual origin of this cuisine.

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About Nandhana Restaurants

Nandhana is a popular chain of Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. It has branches spread over almost all major locations in the city, dedicated to satisfying its patrons with the best Andhra biryani among other delicious specialities of the cuisine. My personal favourite is always the hot steamed rice with a generous helping of ghee and podi which is my go-to comfort food for all my woes!

The ambience at Nandhana is vibrant and bright with ample seating space for all patrons. The popularity of the restaurant is such that there is often a waiting list when you visit an outlet but rest assured, you will find a place to sit in almost no time. The food is always served on the traditional fresh banana leaf which I believe enhances the taste of every dish.

Why Missing Out a Meal at Nandhana is not an Option

Whether you are only visiting Bangalore for a few days or you live in the city, a trip to Nandhana is a must-have on your agenda. Head to this lively restaurant in one of the many locations across the city on a lazy afternoon to load up on lip-smacking spicy Andhra chilli chicken, wholesome Veg Thalis and fragrant Andhra biryani and then wash all of it down with a glass of tasty buttermilk. The feeling of satisfaction after the best Andhra meal in Bangalore is invariably unmatched.

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What’s Special at the Best Andhra Restaurant in Bangalore

The ability to preserve the traditional taste of the state of Andhra Pradesh is what, in my opinion, makes Nandhana truly special. From its incredibly tasty best Andhra Biryani to the delicious vegetarian dishes as well as spicy and flavourful chicken starters, every item on their menu has a special significance.

Where can you find the best Nandhana Restaurants

Each and every outlet of Nandhana adheres to the highest standards of quality and service. Among the best Andhra restaurant in Indiranagar is the Hotel Nandhana Hometel while Andhra food in Koramangala is truly represented by the Hotel Nandhana Grand. One of the best restaurants in Marathahalli agnostic of location is Nandhana Comforts. And the best Biryani in Bannerghatta Road is available at Nandhana Restaurant.

Andhra Restaurant in Koramangala


Andhra food is an explosion of flavours and the best Andhra restaurant in Bangalore to experience this is Nandhana. So, visit a Nandhana restaurant to enjoy a flavour packed meal with your friends and family, today!

Best Veg Andhra Meals in Bangalore that reminds you of home

In my opinion, you haven’t experienced the best cultural food of South India if you haven’t tasted Andhra dishes and cuisines in Bangalore. Each and every Andhra meal is prepared in such a way that they feel unique in taste. They are best identified with their spicy and tangy flavours that vary from dish to dish.  

Andhra Meals in Nandhana Restaurants 

Nandhana Restaurants have the best Andhra dishes from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. All their dishes are prepared by some of the top chefs in Bangalore. Staying true to its cultural roots, these dishes are cooked with the perfect blend of taste and healthiness. This is one of the few reasons why Andhra meals are so desirable by many food enthusiasts like me. 

Andhra Veg Meals in Bangalore

About Nandhana Restaurants 

Here at Nandhana, you can enjoy their Andhra dishes in a lively and vibrant environment. There are multiple branches opened throughout Bengaluru with a little something for everyone. Although they are focused on Andhra cuisine, you can find North Indian, Chinese, and other fine dining options as well. This can be a great place for all those looking for the best South Indian meals. All their dishes are offered in good quantity and are served on banana leaves. By eating here, you are guaranteed to have an authentic and memorable experience. 

Why Should you Choose Nandhana Restaurants 

Nandhana Restaurants are the most popular restaurant chain to offer the best Andhra Dishes in Bangalore. If you ask anyone, you will learn that their biryani and Veg thali are exceptionally popular among regular visitors. Apart from this, their ambience and the interior design of the restaurant will help you to truly enjoy the experience of diving into the rich cultural food of South India.  

Order Andhra Veg Meals Online

Order Online with Nandhana Restaurants 

If you are not in the mood to visit the restaurant or go outside your home, you can now enjoy the tasty mouth-watering Andhra dishes delivered right at your doorstep. Nandhana restaurants now allow you to order Andhra meals online either through their website or by contacting them on their number at 08046131111.